Summer in Winter Park 

Summer in Winter Park is off and running with the 4th of July already behind us, we go into our big concert and festival season. This up coming weekend is the 35th Annual Winter Park Jazz Festival.  This is will be held at the Hideaway Park in downtown winter Park on our brand new, stage!  If you're not into all that Jazz then check out all the other activities. There is so much more going on around town!  With Bouncy Houses and bike races, face painting and happy hours there is something for the whole family to do. So why not make a weekend of it.  If you want to now, it might be a little late to get a place to stay.  These festivals are great but our small community can only hold so much.  This is why its important to have your own Home away from Home. Owning your own place here gives you the freedom to come and go anytime you want, not just when you can get a room or condo. You can also make sure your mortgage is paid for by putting your place on a rental program. You pick when you want to be here and your management company takes care of the rest.  So if you love the summer in all its glory as much as you love the winter then buy a place of your own and make this your weekend spot.